Corporate VIP Sponsorship

Package Tiers and Sponsorship Benefits

NASP offers five (5) VIP and Premier Sponsorship packages to help increase brand awareness, visibility and image… ALL at a significantly discounted rate! NASP does not decide what benefits offer the most value to your company – You Do!

Click on the link below outlining the package tiers and sponsorship benefits. For example, as a Gold VIP Member Sponsor, your company can choose from a “menu” of benefits:
  • Four (4) from Column #1
  • Three (3) from Column #2
  • Two (2) from Column #3

A Gold VIP Member Sponsor will also receive two (2) service provider NASP memberships and be recognized as a Gold Sponsor at NASP Annual Conferences!

The value of this package is $23,290. However, NASP is now offering it for $12,500 – a 46% savings!

These sponsorship packages will benefit your business by:

  • Reaching targeted audiences and building relationships
  • Creating interest in your products and services
  • Creating positive PR and raising awareness of your company
  • Providing positive exposure for your brand
  • Demonstrating a commitment to the subrogation industry
  • A recent Deloitte & Touche Group report – Power of Exhibitions II – found that sponsorships increase the attraction of your target audience by 104%!

All of NASP’s Corporate Member Sponsor packages are calendar-year sponsorships. Therefore, if you are already a NASP Corporate Member Sponsor (silver, gold, platinum or diamond) and you are interested in upgrading to a VIP or Premier Sponsor package, the value of your current sponsorship will be credited towards your package, so you can begin realizing all of the VIP or Premier benefits immediately. Similarly, if you have already paid for one of the entitled benefits (i.e. CSRP matriculation, article reprint, etc.), that, too, will be credited towards the cost of the VIP or Premier Sponsorship.

NASP’s membership is now comprised of 55% insurance claims professionals (ICPs) and 45% service providers (SPs). Don’t miss out on an opportunity to reach your target audience!

Nasp Conferences

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    NASP 2020 Spring Conference

    Nashville, TN
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    2020 Annual Conference

    San Diego, CA
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  • March 25, 2021

    NASP 2021 Spring Conference

    Amelia Island, FL
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